Working at his own Volver Studio, producer drs. Crip Theeuwes spent the past 25 years refining his musical knowledge. Through his studies of Musical Science at the University of Utrecht and his years of experience as a songwriter and arranger, his ideas about production and sound are quite clear. The way he works and his approach are unique. He’s worked with artists like Laura Jansen, Judith Jobse, Bertolf, Dewi and Maurice Leenaarts, to name but a few. Theeuwes is quite a traditional producer, where working on artistically interesting productions have a key role. He has an exceptional talent to bring the best out in artists. He always knows how to get to the core of a performance, sound or song. In recent years, Theeuwes focused on Jazz and World productions. Besides his work as a producer, he organises The Volver Sessions and Volver Live. Apart from this, he is the owner and creator of Volver Sound Academy.
Zuidervaart studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam and took private lessons with Crip Theeuwes. He’s a master in many different genres. He’s worked with artists like Chef’s Special, Winne, Tessa Douwstra and Moon Pilot. Zuidervaart has his own studio in Rotterdam where he lives and works.
After finishing his studies in Live Engineering, his interests shift towards the studio industry. Francis successfully finishes the two year course Producer/Sound-Engineer at Volver Sound Academy and almost instantly profiles himself as a dedicated Teaching Assistant. Francis is also head of the practice groups at Volver Sound Academy, where he guides our students in their first artistic and technical steps as producers. 

His knowledge of Cubase and like software are of great value for the institute. Since October 2018 he teaches the course Cubase; Basics & Beyond. Francis has a great mental library of repertoire and can produce songs within the parameters of nearly any genre.
After years of making records and touring as a songwriter, bass player and singer, Stijn chooses to follow his passion of music production. 
The knowledge he acquired at the Rockacademy in Tilburg, helped him in realising his dream to work in the music industry as a professional. Stijn also studied Communication and Concepting, which helped him from a business standpoint. Eventually all of this musical energy came together in the decision to follow the two year course Producer/Sound-Engineer at Volver Sound Academy, where he soon became one of the hopeful new talents. During this period, he and his brother Mark created Haas Recording Studio. Where their dream of owning a professional recording studio becomes a reality. 

Since 2017, Stijn has been intensively involved with Volver Studio. His contribution to the institution has appeared to be invaluable. He’s helped full time in the building of the new facility, takes care of the online communications and frequently has sessions with clients at the studio. 
Besides his work at Haas Recording Studio and Volver Studio, he’s a Teaching Assistant at Volver Sound Academy and guides the practise groups in the first grade.
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