Producers with vision

Volver Studio offers one of the biggest music production facilities in the Netherlands. Located in an old carpet factory, the building is over 450m2 big. Volver Studio is a place where creativity, commitment and years of experience come together. Besides the work our producers do for our own Volver Music label, the studio also acts as a classroom, housed by Volver Sound Academy. During a three year course, we teach talented producers/sound-engineers everything there is to know about this business. Volver Studio is also known for giving live concerts during the Volver Live evenings.

Feel free to call us if you would like to record your music. We only work with top of the range equipment. Naturally, we treat our clients’ productions with the highest care possible.  

How are we different?

Volver Studio works with a group of committed producers that really knows sound and orchestration. Many of our clients pride us on our ability to elevate their performance to the next level. By working with the artist, while remaining critical, we can optimise the story you want to tell. Are you looking for the right people for your production? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help.

Want to bring your own production team to Volver Studio? No problem. We offer a great diversity in technical and acoustic possibilities.

Renewing the audio industry starts with a dream. By building this studio, that dream has become a reality. Volver Studio offers the best of both worlds. The comfort of digital and the warm, vintage sound of analog. We offer class A preamps, analog tape editing per channel, analog summing, excellent ADDA-conversion, top of the line microphones and a great deal of analog processors, such as compressors, equalisers and reverbs. Our system’s quality is enriched by the high resolution at which we record. (88.2 kHz / 24 bits). In Volver Studio you can record with Cubase 11 or Protools 9.1 (2020).

Masterful acoustics

Everyone familiar with recording high quality sounds, knows how much of a difference the recording room can make. Great acoustics are critical and flexibility is key. Some situations require big room sounds and others small, intimate rooms. Our big live room is 100m2 big and 5,5m high. Perfect for these big room sounds. For more intimate room sounds, we offer two smaller rooms that each have their own unique sound. Volver Studio was acoustically designed by none other than Hans Koomans.

Volver Studio productions

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